What are my chances applying to Canadian universities a year early as an HS Junior?
resolved Mar 8
University of Waterloo
University of Toronto

Intended Major

Computer Science and Applied Math, possibly Physics

Standardized Testing

1560 SAT (800M 760R)


3.9UW GPA, my school does not do weighted GPAs

APs, Honors, and College Level Classes

AP CS, AP Calc: 5

AP Physics Mech C, AP Stats, AP Bio: 4

I have taken a lot of college level math classes like Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, and more.


Female in the SF Bay Area

Extracurricular Information

  • Fencing (peak rank was 26th nationally in my age group)

  • Fencing related blog with 6k views

  • National level fencing referee (refereed at Junior Olympics and National Championships)

  • Internship at startup over the summer where I helped them write a program to find more clients

  • Top 10% in Rubik's cube 3x3 female ranking in the world

  • Top 10% in Rubik's cube 2x2 female ranking in the United States

  • Compete in chess

  • Math team captain


  • USA Fencing All-Academic

  • 10th place at national fencing tournament in my age group with ~160 competitors

  • Medals at various regional fencing tournaments

  • Published puzzle in magazine

  • NLE Gold x2

  • AP Scholar with Distinction

  • Honorable Mention at Berkeley Math Tournament

  • AMC 8 Honor Roll

Any Other Information

I'm a high school Junior which the colleges may not like, although all of my classes are 12th grade level or higher.

Resolution criteria: This market will resolve YES for the colleges that the creator gets into, NO for the ones that the creator is rejected from, and N/A for the colleges that the creator does not apply to. Resolves to % if the creator does not resolve it within one month of the close date and appears to be inactive

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