Will Ukraine get F-16 fighters early 2024?
Jun 2
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Is early 2024 till march or April?

@Liam2024Election "Resolution: early - means before 1 June, 2024" (is underneath the link/pic)

@MickBransfield Oh alright thanks

I'm still going for NO because NATO countries worried that supplying aircraft would feel like NATO was attacking Russia. IIRC Poland wanted to supply fighters but was stopped.

Yeah, we precede some of the events, let's put it this way. Same with Crimean bridge. We have a few more surprises with F-16s and other things.


25:00 mark. He could be referring to existing Ukraine postage stamps of F-16s, but that wouldn't make sense given the context.

edit: admin how to delet my comment

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Russian fighter jets suddenly falling out of the sky is exactly what the appearance of F16s on the battlefield would look like

@RemNi or F16s falling, maybe? It's not that Russia doesn't keep watch on what enters and exits Ukraine sky, and hypersonic rockets are there as well.

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@ChrisGreene yes, strict criteria means before.

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