Will my return flight (HO1034) be delayed by more than 30 minutes?
resolved Sep 29

Going to Xishuangbanna (JHG) today. For my departure flight, bet on https://manifold.markets/bohaska/will-my-flight-mu5820-be-delayed-by.

And I have to go back somehow.

So this is my return flight to Shanghai (PVG).

Will it be delayed by more than 30 minutes?

Hopefully not, the expected arrival time's already 23:40...

I'll place a limit order for 20 mana YES on 20% that'll expire before the plane takes off. I'll not do any further betting.

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@bohaska what date is the return flight? There's a HO1034 flight every day.

I see your limit order has been cancelled, that makes me think the flight happened - and looks like none have been delayed more than 30m so far this week (some have departed early, even).

@chrisjbillington My limit order was set to close at the closest hour before the flight is planned to go, not at the actual flight time.

Sorry for not making it clear, I meant the HO1034 flight which was scheduled to take off on September 28th, 20:15 local time and land at 23:40.

Not the exact same flight, but HO1034 seems to have a 40% chance of delay. 😨