Will @agency put up a billboard before June?
Jun 2

So, apparently, this guy's going to ask Manifold to decide what to put up on a billboard

This is not about whether he'll acknowledge the market's full conditions, this is merely about whether a billboard owned by him will be up. If he has a billboard which only says "The Agency" and nothing mentioned in the market, then it'll still counts.

It has to be bigger or around 20 square foot (approximately 2 square meters). If there's a conflict, I'll resolve based on a common-sense interpretation of "billboard"

See a stricter version of this market here:

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Betting no, since it doesn’t seem like a typical billboard in a subway station would be big enough to count for this market.

@Hedgehog How big is the typical billboard there?

I can change my resolution criteria if it doesn't answer the question accurately.

@bohaskaThe only ads I can think of that would fit their description are on the station walls across the tracks from the platforms, which are probably around 3' x 5', though I'm not certain, and they may be just big enough to count. (I'd rather keep the criteria, since I'd bet based on them, though this could be a reason to N/A.)