Will Jesse Signal OR Jamie Reed face any charges for HIPAA violations?
resolved Mar 13

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Many people on twitter are claiming that the above article admits to HIPAA violations and that Jesse Signal or his source (Jamie Reed) will face charges. Resolves YES if charges are brought against either Signal or Reed for HIPAA violation (regardless of if they are convicted).

Resolves NO if no charges brought by close date (13/03/2024)

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  1. This shalt not question eunuchixation

Also, when you say "charges," do you mean criminal penalties? Apparently there are both civil and criminal penalties.

@MaggieDelano yeah I googled it and saw you couldn't sue for HIPAA. What civil penalties are there? I may need to clarify in description

@LachlanMunro I am not an expert on this, but this seems like a good resource: https://www.hipaajournal.com/what-are-the-penalties-for-hipaa-violations-7096/

Basically there are tiers of civil penalties based on whether the action was willful or not. Criminal penalties are prosecuted by DOJ and apply when there was a knowing violation.

@MaggieDelano ah ok. I was thinking civil as in sued by a civilian. If penalties are imposed by a government dept., even if not "criminal" per se, I would resolve yes.

Some additional context on evaluating the (potential) violation(s): https://twitter.com/BadHippa/status/1634642545253957632?s=20

who pumped this shit all the way up lmao

@SemioticRivalry it got linked on twitter and a bunch of people signed up and just dumped everything into yes.

The top yes traders are all new accounts, who only bet in this market 🤔

Is it even possible for this to resolve to no?

@DavisYoshida It's within a year I thought based on the close date.

@DavisYoshida Sorry, within the next year. Yeah I should have been explicit in the description. Updating.

@Neil Ah I didn't see the close date, new here