Will my net worth be over 40k USD at the end of 2024?
Dec 28

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I'm gonna get margin called soon if I keep spending money with no income

For those of you betting that I'll hold a steady job, why is the past no indication to you?

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What is it currently if you don't mind the question

@TheBayesian Approximately 50k, but I haven't counted in a while, so I'm really not sure.

@BenjaminIkuta What are possible reasons it could drop?

@voodoo Money can be exchanged for goods and services.

@voodoo Stocks go up, stocks go down, can't explain that.

@BenjaminIkuta I guess I would need a lot more information to make any non random bets here.

Is it liquid? Which asset classes are included there?

Do you have an income?

What was your net worth a year ago?

@voodoo Mostly VT, some crypto. No income at the moment. Net worth was almost 100k a couple years ago.

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