Will a CFPB complaint cause Bank of America to refund my unauthorized transactions?
May 15

Bank of America is refusing to refund the transactions that were made by whoever found my card after I lost it. They said "We confirmed your card was used for the charge(s). The chip was read, your PIN was entered, and/or you signed for the merchandise or service, which indicates you or someone you allowed to use your card was present." I don't understand this. Of course they would have the chip, they found my card after all, but that doesn't mean I gave them permission.

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@benjaminIkuta how does this resolve?

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Hey, did you just extend the close date?

I at least was not expecting you to do so; I assumed there was an implicit "by the close date" on the market, which is why I bet no.

@RobertCousineau yeah, I haven't gotten around to filing the complaint yet.

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@BenjaminIkuta when did you file complaint? When will this resolve?

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@BenjaminIkuta Was this a debit card or credit card?

@GCS credit

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@BenjaminIkuta I'm very surprised you were refused. Time for a new (non BOA) card

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According to this post, rates of relief for credit reports (to Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion) were 50%(?) in 2022; according to this other post, rates of relief were only 2% in 2021, and about 25% in 2019. To be fair, your issue is different from a credit report issue, but the situations could be similar.