Will Lantern Bioworks be accepted to the next cohort of YCombinator?
Jun 16

Lantern is planning to apply to YCombinator. Question resolves as "no" if they don't.

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I've made a market based on Scott Alexander's post today:

You should really consider resolving n/a if they don’t apply.

@voodoo We all already bet with it established that no application = no. No apply = n/a would need to be a different market.

@june Fair enough. I’ll just stay out.

@voodoo yeah that should be a whole new market IMO

I hope they succeed in their fight against cavities, but it doesn't look like they made a good first impression on Hacker News.

@HankyUSA Probably a good sign actually haha. HN commenters have a long history of being intensely skeptical of startups that end up succeeding.

@JamesGrugett I wouldn't know since I don't follow Hacker News or YCombinator. Can you please give some examples?

@HankyUSA So many low quality comments

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@HankyUSA NH commenters aren't as bad as Reddit commenters but there's plenty of trolls / irrational people there as well. They're happy to try and tear apart almost every novel idea, unless its something super mundane like a new Github library.

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Oh, super hyped! If Lantern doesn't get in, that's more of an indictment of YC than of Lantern.

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I assume you're part of Lantern? What you guys are doing is very exciting! But the base rate here is low.

Not part of Lantern; I date Aaron (founder) and like to follow along with Lantern's progress.

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@beccapao Nice! I hope to provide some play money incentive by betting no here.

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