Will the Polytopes class receive baked treats from Doc Durst?
resolved May 31

For context, Doc Durst (our teacher) offered our math class brownies or some other baked treats iff all of us made it to class on time (at the beginning of class AND after math break) for 5 consecutive school days.

Resolves YES if:

  • we win the challenge and Doc Durst gives us baked treats

  • Doc Durst brings baked goods for the entire school, including our class

  • we don't win the challenge, but for some reason we recieve baked treats from Doc Durst (not going to happen even in an alternate universe)

  • we get baked treats, but some of us don't eat them (again, not gonna happen)

Resolves NO if:

  • Doc Durst brings us only non-baked treats

  • we win the challenge, but Doc Durst forgets/refuses to give us what we deserve

  • Doc Durst doesn't bring us treats, but someone else does and claims that it's from Doc Durst

Resolves N/A if:

  • we win the challenge but Doc Durst can't make it to school for some reason

  • Doc Durst pops out of existence and therefore cannot bring us treats

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Anju Aoipredicted NO at 55%

We somehow managed to keep our streak going, so Doc Durst has officially agreed to bake us brownies (tbd?).

This market will thusly probably resolve YES, but I'll keep it open in case that changes.

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Anju Aoibought Ṁ45 of NO


We're currently at a 4-day streak, so we only have 1 day to go!

On the other hand, we only have 5 school days left, so whatever happens tomorrow will practically determine the outcome.

I will send 30M mana links to the top 3 YES shareholders at market close if I don't make it to class on time tomorrow (i.e. I won't sabotage on purpose).

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Nico Alberti

MB sorry guys

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alleycatpredicted YES at 45% (edited)


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