how many total videos will 3blue1brown release in 2024?

all videos on the 3blue1brown channel count for this market, including SoME4 invitation/results or any personal updates from grant which appear on the channel. videos on the grant sanderson channel or personal channel of any other contributor do not count. if a video is up for a few days and then taken down i won’t be counting it in order to be consistent with the priors. market will resolve january 1, 2025.

some priors:

-3blue1brown released 11 videos in 2023, 1 in march, 1 in april, 2 in june, 2 in july, 2 in september, 1 in october (the SoME3 results), 1 in november, and 1 in december.

-3blue1brown released 7 videos in 2022, 2 in february (the latter being a short correction of errors in the former) 1 in june (the SoME2 invitation) 1 in july, 1 in october (the SoME2 results), and 2 in november.

-3blue1brown released 7 videos in 2021, 1 in april, 1 in may, 1 in july (the SoME invitation,) 3 in october (including the SoME results video,) and 1 in december.

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