Who is going to win the Serie A 2023/24?
May 28

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Juventus and Inter will be the two main players in Serie A. Napoli, the unexpected champion of the previous season, has already fired coach Rudi Garcia and appointed Mazzarri in his place, casting serious uncertainty on the team's future and expectations. Milan is another squad that will require a significant amount of time to integrate its recent acquisitions. The two proven and prepared teams are Inter and Juventus.

After playing the Champions League final, the Milanese team is only demonstrating its strength. a strong, aggressive playing style that doesn't overlook the defense. With 29 goals scored (2.43 goals per game), only 6 goals conceded (0.5 goals per game), and an amazing average of 2.58 points per game (fbref.com, 2023). Although Simone Inzaghi's club is an incredible force, it is up against Juventus, a fierce historical foe with a significant advantage.

Juventus won't be burdened with playing two or three games a week this year; instead, they will only be focused on the league. With a laser-like focus on winning back the Serie A championship, they will prepare for each game one at a time. With 2.42 points per game, 19 goals scored (1.58 per game), and 7 goals given up (0.58), they also have an outstanding points average (fbref.com, 2023). This will be especially important in March and April when player tiredness sets in, especially if Inter advances farther in the Champions League (they have already mathematically guaranteed a spot out of the group round). Juventus could be seen as the clear favorite because of this.

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