Will I take my usual dose of Fluoxetine on May 25?
resolved May 25
I currently am running low, arrived to USA, just refilled my weekly pill box, and am not aware of having any further stash of antidepressants. My existing supplies would last for 10 days assuming normal dosing (i.e., with May 22 being last day for which I have a normal dose). I will try to get a refill before I run out but so far US healthcare is proving really annoying. This market resolves YES if on May 25, I take my normal dose of Fluoxetine. If I have it, but just forget to take it (not likely), still counts as YES. Reasons for NO would be I don't manage to get a prescription filled by then.
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predicted YES
Fluoxetine arrived and there's enough supply for at least a month. I should be fine.
predicted YES
@agentydragon Yes, you love to hear it!
some package from pharmacy should be arriving Thursday
down-update due to no progress on pharmacy's side.
Prescription obtained, sent to pharmacy that would hopefully ship it. Unless something breaks about US healthcare.