Will I take a dose of Saxenda on the day of market close?
resolved May 29
See my previous market for probability of getting Saxenda refill, which ended up working out. Now I have the medicine, but am running low on needles - I have needles for 7 more days - i.e. until May 26. I might be able to just walk into a pharmacy and buy them, but I might need to get a prescription, which would make this more annoying and time-consuming. This market resolves YES if I take a dose Saxenda on the day of market close. May 20, 8:12pm: Tried to go to Walgreens, they don't sell the type of needle I need to refill on. Next step is schedule generalist doctor appointment, ideally soon. May 26, 7:07pm: I now have the needed needles. if this ends up resolving NO, it'd be most likely because I just forget.
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Package found and needles fit.
Package does not seem to be at home. Possibly stolen. Possibly just gonna surface later.
predicted NO
delivered, according to mail in my mailbox
bought compatible-seeming needles on Amazon with expected delivery tomorrow
submitted request for medication via OneMedical, seems should have response within 1 hour
Only 3 needles left, and couldn't buy new ones in local pharmacy. To get new ones in time I'd have to get a prescription probably and have them delivered or pick them up within next couple days.