Will I take a dose of Saxenda on the day of market close?
resolved May 19
I've been taking it for about half a year. Today (May 15), I ran out of the pens I brought to US, so now in order to do Saxenda in the future I need to get a refill from the US healthcare system. I've done an online doctor visit and pharmacy seems to have gotten prior authorization from my insurance to send me refills. Question is, will there be any bureaucratic or postal or whatever problem that would cause me to be off Saxenda until May 19. Resolves YES if I take a dose of Saxenda on May 19.
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predicted NO
My medicine arrived and I took my dose.
got call from pharmacy, medicine should be arriving right on the 19th.
phoned pharmacy. waiting for something from my insurance company. down-update since presumably it'll be even more time until I can actually get it delivered. ugh.
sent mail to pharmacy asking whether everything's ok with prescription, hopefully will phone tomorrow