Will I grok variational autoencoders in 2 weeks?
resolved May 30
This market resolves to YES if on day of market close I understand variational autoencoders "deeply enough". That standard is basically "given a whiteboard I could explain to you all the important parts without reference material, and won't have any known big holes in my understanding". I started working at OpenAI recently. Tried reading the paper a bit, but it was too math-thick to process. Feel like I ought to have all the preconditions to understand them, maybe might need a bit more of refresher on graphical models. Variational autoencoders are one thing I've wanted to grok for a long time (say 1 year at least) but didn't yet get around to studying deeply enough. They compete with many other things that could grab my attention.
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Betting mostly so that I have an excuse to poke you if you do end up grokking them. Good luck!
So far didn't open any VAE related stuff.