Will I feel fight-or-flight type fear because of tech swag I wear?
May 1

I'm OpenAI and besides OpenAI swag sometimes also wear old swag from 5 years at Google and a Dropbox intern hoodie.

I haven't yet gotten accosted or felt uncomfortable because someone spotted swag I was wearing, but I do moderate a bit what I wear where. More AI/rationality/... events -> OpenAI shirt more likely, otherwise furry or such shirt more likely.

I wonder if there might end up being anti OpenAI sentiment to the point I actually feel fight-flight-freeze response.

I'm relatively easy to get into that state (high neuroticism, anxiety), but don't always on situations like this - depends a lot on day and background mood/mental state.

I'm picking the fight-flight-freeze response as the threshold for "danger proxy" because there's a wide spectrum of what could happen and I want to pick a threshold I can ex post clearly identify as "condition met/not met".

Only counts if I believe me being visibly identifiable as OpenAI or Google or whatever swag I'm wearing was a proximal cause to the fight-flight-freeze. Does not count if I believe it was someone on this market trying to rig the outcome.

The decision criterion is the subjective emotional state I label fight-flight-freeze and that I believe I can tell "I'm in this state/I'm not" with pretty clear binary classification.

This market resolves Yes at any point when this might happen, immediately when I believe decision criterion threshold was met

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Betting yes because I've had similar thoughts about my own tech swag