Will I exceed my daily calorie intake limit by more than 1000 kJ?
resolved May 25
Resolves N/A if for some unlikely reason I don't track my eating properly tomorrow. Otherwise resolves to YES if my MyFitnessPal is over 1000 kJ over my energy allowance by midnight tomorrow. I've been eating too much last couple weeks, related to stress from moving. Today was the first day in like a week or so that went well. May 23, 11:33pm: as in, today I was only like 800 kJ over. Before that, at least a week in a row of >1000 over, probably longer than that. May 24, 5:11pm: going well so far, 1500 kj remaining, and planning to have dinner. will need to hold back a bit on dinner.
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predicted NO
And nope. Can of ginger beer pushed me over 1000 kJ. Thank you for playing, please come again :)
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Gonna keep market open until heading to bed in case of temptation
predicted NO
Made it! 883 kJ over, <1000 kJ