My laptop battery is still flaky in 2 months
resolved Jul 13
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My laptop has had problems with battery that look like either battery firmware is broken, or perhaps bad contact. OS reporting 0% charge ~50% of the time, while obviously happily running on battery. I've tried a bit to get Lenovo to fix it and have had lots of trouble reaching a human. This market resolves to YES if at market close my laptop still has the flaky battery problem - i.e., the OS reporting 0 charge level while happily running off battery. Close date updated to 2022-07-12 11:59 pm May 14, 7:51pm: Laptop is a 3rd gen Lenovo X1 Extreme, machine type number 20TKCTO1WW May 15, 12:03pm: Laptop was bought in Switzerland, but I'm in USA and will stay here for at least half a year, so will be engaging USA Lenovo support. Jun 11, 11:09pm: crickets from lenovo so far Jun 15, 9:33am: I went Karen-mode on Lenovo's Twitter and got some sort of human to talk to me with apologies and promises of follow-up within 5-10 business days.
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I have not noticed the problem again since Lenovo technician replaced the battery but am not 100% convinced it's gone
Model number of the laptop? Business support is often very different from consumer support.
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Thanks for the update. I see that you're in Switzerland. I'm only familiar with their business support in the United States of America. Perhaps you could try escalating the case: - Reddit: - Investor relations: - Europe media contact: