My laptop battery is still flaky in 2 months
Jul 13
M$349 bet
My laptop has had problems with battery that look like either battery firmware is broken, or perhaps bad contact. OS reporting 0% charge ~50% of the time, while obviously happily running on battery. I've tried a bit to get Lenovo to fix it and have had lots of trouble reaching a human. This market resolves to YES if at market close my laptop still has the flaky battery problem - i.e., the OS reporting 0 charge level while happily running off battery. Close date updated to 2022-07-12 11:59 pm May 14, 7:51pm: Laptop is a 3rd gen Lenovo X1 Extreme, machine type number 20TKCTO1WW May 15, 12:03pm: Laptop was bought in Switzerland, but I'm in USA and will stay here for at least half a year, so will be engaging USA Lenovo support.

Zian Choy 13 days ago

Model number of the laptop? Business support is often very different from consumer support.

Zian Choy is betting YES at 90% 11 days ago

Thanks for the update. I see that you're in Switzerland. I'm only familiar with their business support in the United States of America. Perhaps you could try escalating the case: - Reddit: - Investor relations: - Europe media contact: