Will the scientific journal "Nature" explicitly endorse Joe Biden for president in 2024?
Nov 11

In October 2020, the influential scientific journal "Nature" endorsed Joe Biden for president over Donald Trump.

This was a controversial decision. In 2023, Nature itself published research by Floyd Jiuyun Zhang claiming that the endorsement had minimal impact on political opinions but did substantively reduce the trust of Trump supporters in science.

These results suggest that political endorsement by scientific journals can undermine and polarize public confidence in the endorsing journals and the scientific community.

This was followed by an editorial where Nature stood by its original decision.

Political endorsements might not always win hearts and minds, but when candidates threaten a retreat from reason, science must speak out.

This market resolves YES if in 2024, Nature again officially endorses Joe Biden for president.

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I guess maybe not since we are past peak woke and such statements do not give as much lib creed as they used to.

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