Will Taylor Swift be the sole credited writer (according to Wikipedia) of >1 song on Tortured Poets Department?
resolved Apr 19

Taylor Swift's eleventh studio album (Tortured Poets Department) is scheduled to release on April 19th. This market resolves YES if Wikipedia lists Taylor Swift as the sole credited "writer" on more than 1 track (if sole writer on 1 track or 0 tracks, it resolves NO). To avoid any ambiguity, I will only consider the 16 tracks currently listed by Wikipedia as Sides A/B/C/D (4 each) [1]. (This is what I consider to be the standard edition of the album).

For reference:

  • Midnights: sole credited writer on 1 song ("Vigilante Shit").

  • Evermore: sole credited writer on 1 song ("No Body No Crime").

  • Folklore: sole credited writer on 1 song ("My Tears Ricochet").

  • Lover: sole credited writer on 3 songs ("Lover", "Cornelia Street", "Daylight")

This market would have resolved NO for Midnights/Evermore/Folklore, and YES for Lover.

There might be complicated forms of writing credit that aren't obvious to me, which is why I will be using "what Wikipedia puts under the track listing" as the source (and I'm using these examples to clarify the process I'll follow).

If any aspects of resolution are unclear, please ask.

[1]. E.g. this excludes "The Manuscript" (which is exclusive to the physical edition), and it will exclude later bonus tracks that are announced.

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@traders The album has released. According to Wikipedia (same as any other source), Swift is the sole credited writer of two of the original 16 tracks. "My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys", "Who's Afraid of Little Old Me?". This question resolves YES.

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