Will “Shogun" be streamed for more minutes in any single week than the Netflix debut of "Anyone But You"?
resolved May 24

Source: the Nielsen SVOD streaming top 10: https://www.nielsen.com/data-center/top-ten/#streaming. This only lists the current week, so I use RatingsRyan as an archive.

  • "Shogun" (2024) is an epic and critically acclaimed TV miniseries currently streaming on FX/Hulu. Its finale will air on April 23rd.

  • "Anyone But You" (2023) is a romcom starring Glenn Powell.& Sydney Sweeney which turned into a surprise hit at the box office. It debuts on Netflix on the same day, April 23rd.

This market resolves YES if "Shogun" has more streaming minutes in any single week (until the week after its finale airs) than "Anyone But You" has in its first week on Netflix.

  • For "Anyone But You", I will use the first week it appears on the Nielsen chart (which usually doesn't cover a full week after its release).

  • For "Shogun", I will consider any of the weeks during the season (I'll halt one week after the finale, as I don't think viewership will increase).

  • For an example of the viewership numbers I will use, on the week ending February 25th, the children's cartoon "Bluey" was streamed for 1.081 billion minutes.

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@traders Anyone But You debuted on the Nielsen charts with 773 million minutes streamed. A strong performance. This was the same week as the Shogun finale, with 608 million minutes streamed.

This question compares Anyone But You's debut to any week of Shogun streaming. Inconveniently, the RatingsRyan website that I usually use is down (hopefully not permanently?), which is annoying. Luckily, THR has an article that gives me exactly what I need to resolve:

The FX-produced Hulu series had 608 million minutes of viewing time for the week of its finale, April 22-28. That’s a 45 percent jump from the prior week and Shōgun’s highest total in the nine weeks it has made the top 10. Its previous best was 513 million minutes for its premiere week, which featured the debut of two episodes.

Specifically, the 608 million minutes here was the highest from any of the weeks of this season. Thus, it's the only comparison I need, and this question resolves NO. This checks out withe numbers that I had been jogging down as I went (e.g. the minutes streamed during the premiere week) so it seems correct. And it fits with the other numbers I can find online.

If there are any concerns, I can publicly verify THR's count, finding the reports for Shogun's Nielsen streaming minutes each week through the finale. But this seems pretty straightforward, and I plan to resolve this NO.