Will MONKEY MAN have >90% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes? (upcoming Dev Patel action thriller 🐒)
Apr 21


  • NOTE: "Monkey Man" just premiered at SXSW, and some reviews have already been published—I'm still running this market because I expect many reviews to be held until release, so the Rotten Tomatoes score could shift quite a bit.

  • This is based on critics, not audiences.

  • I will use whatever precision is listed by Rotten Tomatoes (typically an integer percentage, no decimal, and ties resolve NO).

  • Example: the Tomatometer for "The Green Knight" is currently 89% (although audiences rated it terribly).

Context: "Monkey Man" is an upcoming action thriller (releasing April 5th), directed by and starring Dev Patel. It was originally intended for Netflix but somehow Jordan Peele pushed for it to get a theatrical release. The trailer is pretty cool:

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Looks more than half decent but it does not sell anything beyond action movie which is a shame.

I think it'll be 80+but not 90+

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Made a second market for the >85% threshold, in case the score drops (hopefully one of these will keep it spicy for a few weeks):

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