Will "Dune: Part Two" have a larger (domestic) gross in March than any other three movies combined?
resolved Apr 3

Source: I will use BoxOfficeMojo's "Domestic Box Office For March 2024" https://www.boxofficemojo.com/month/march/2024/?grossesOption=calendarGrosses. This tracks the total (domestic) gross for each movie that occurs within the calendar month of March (February example).

This question resolves NO if there are three other movies in that list whose (domestic) "Gross" column sums to a larger total than "Dune: Part Two", and it resolves YES otherwise.

Here are some of the notable movies releasing in March:

"Dune: Part Two" has a head start on the others, with the full month of March to build up its box office (compared to e.g. "Godzilla x Kong", which only has 3 days in March, and probably can't contribute much).

This list is not comprehensive, it's just meant as a starting point (and any movie appearing on the BoxOfficeMojo list can be used as part of the sum).

Bonus example:

  • Here's the January 2024 ranking:

    • #1 "Wonka" ($62,923,393)

    • #2 "Mean Girls" ($61,994,890)

    • #3 "Migration" ($47,739,075)

    • #4 "Anyone But You" ($47,541,319).

  • Thus, if this question instead used "Wonka" in January, the sum of three other movies would be >$157M, dwarfing Wonka's January gross.

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Resolves NO. KFP4 + GxK + G:FE has >$300M gross in March.

Check out more box office markets for GxK in April, and for Dune next weekend.