Will "Civil War" be #1 at the box office during its second weekend? (April 19 - 21, dueling "Abigail")
resolved Apr 26

Source: BoxOfficeMojo domestic gross for the weekend of April 19 - 21.

  • For context, "Civil War" grossed $25,712,608 during its release weekend (April 12 - 14). This is the equivalent number I will use.

  • This market resolves YES if it is the highest grossing film (domestic) during its second weekend (April 19 - 21) as well.

  • The most likely contenders for #1 are the new releases of "Abigail", and "The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare", and the holdover of "Godzilla x Kong".

Note: I will use the gross reported by BoxOfficeMojo, however it is defined (e.g. as this is the release weekend for "Abigail", it would typically include Thursday previews as well).

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@traders for some reason BOM still highlights the numbers blue for estimates, but Civil War was the clear #1 as reported everywhere, so I'll resolve YES. Market for this weekend, plus looking ahead, nab some bets on Furiosa before the liquidity subsidies are gone—gotta set it up for the future 🙏

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