RENOIR vs FOUJITA: which painting will sell for more at Christie's April 9th Paris auction? (pics included)
resolved Apr 10
RENOIR - Le Petit bras d'Argenteuil
FOUJITA - Deux Petites Filles

This market is a duel between two valuable paintings listed for Christie's "Art Impressionniste & Moderne" live auction in Paris.

Both were given the same initial estimates by Christie's: EUR 200,000 – EUR 300,000. This market resolves to the painting which the Christie's website lists with a higher sale value at the auction.

Resolution details:

  • Example from a past auction: this painting by Gentilesch has a "price realised" of USD 982,800. This is the number I will use—whatever is displayed by the auction page.

  • Edge cases:

    • If either painting is withdrawn before the auction, or I am unable to determine the sale price, it resolves N/A.

    • If one fails to sell at the auction, it resolves to the other.

    • If there's a tie (or they both fail to sell at the auction), both resolve at 50%.

    • If any scenarios for resolution are unclear, please ask.

PIERRE-AUGUSTE RENOIR - Le Petit bras d'Argenteuil

Pierre-Auguste Renoir... (was a) French painter originally associated with the Impressionist movement. His early works were typically Impressionist snapshots of real life, full of sparkling colour and light. Renoir mastered the ability to convey his immediate visual impressions, and his paintings showed great vitality, emphasizing the pleasures of life despite the financial worries that troubled him. (source)


I can't claim that this particular painting holds the slightest appeal for me, but Foujita was a fascinating figure. Born in Japan, he found enormous success in Paris in the 1920s, before returning to Japan and working as an "official war artist" during WW2. After the war was lost, he did not feel welcome in Japan, and spent the rest of his life in France, "spent working on the frescoes for a small, Romanesque chapel in Reims that he had constructed".

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@traders BIDDING WAR. The Foujita actually did fairly well, EUR 441,000 far above its upper estimate. But the Renoir SMASHED its estimates, with EUR 554,400. The old Frenchman still has the juice. This market will resolve to Renoir, unless I hear any concerns.

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