Conditional on Kristaps Porzingis missing at least one playoff game due to injury, will the Celtics win the NBA title?
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The sportswriter Dan Devine recently wrote an article titled "Why Kristaps Porziņģis is the key to the Celtics' title hopes":

With the addition of Porzingis’ varied scoring game, a Celtics attack that was below league-average in fourth-quarter scoring last season has now jumped up to eighth. A group that finished 11th last season in scoring efficiency in the “clutch” — when the score’s within five points in the last five minutes — is up to fifth.

However, Porzingis has an extensive injury history, and many fear that he won't be available for the playoffs. How much impact impact would a Kristaps Porzingis injury have?

  • If Kristaps Porzingis does not miss any playoff games where injury is reported by the media as the cause, this market resolves N/A.

  • Otherwise, it resolves YES if the Boston Celtics win the 2023-2024 NBA championship, and NO if they do not win the title.

Kristaps Porzingis needs to miss at least one full game, and he needs to show up in the Celtics injury report (example from Twitter last year), for it to count.

This is a conditional market: it pairs with a sister market to estimate the impact of a potential Porzingis injury on the Celtics' title hopes.

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