Will Gemini Nano's weights be publicly availible before 2025?

Gemini Nano is on-device right now - on the Pixel 8 Pro. This potentially makes it vulnerable to attempts to extract the weights from such a device and publish them. Alternativelly, Google may decide to open source the weights.

This question Resolves to YES if between now and the end of 2024 it is possible for a member of the public to download the weights of Gemini Nano, or an updated version, in an unprotected format.

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Probably but I'm waiting to resolve until I'm more sure that those are in fact the actual weights of nano and not Gemma or something. If I don't get further evidence this will resolve yes I expect.

I'm arbitraging with https://manifold.markets/BoydKane/will-someone-who-isnt-google-extrac because it seems like Google encrypted the weights, and while they might change their mind, that certainly looks like they don't want to release them. https://twitter.com/tarantulae/status/1733263855818559774

Any pointers on where I can do more reading about understanding how the weights are vulnerable by being on-device?

@horace It's a pretty common saying in computer security that "physical access is total access". For examples of usage and explanation of the idea here or here or here or here.

Turns out people have physical access to their own phones.

I would be surprised if the Gemini Nano weights took more than 7 days after distibution to be leaked.

Based on the description, I'm assuming if the weights are extracted from the device but aren't licensed with permission to redistribute (meaning they probably wouldn't be available on reputable sites like huggingface), this would resolve YES?

predicts NO

@PlasmaPower correct.

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