Will I be the Manifold Markets user responsible for the highest number of referrals by 2024?
resolved Jan 1

At the moment (Feb 28 2023) I've made 56 referrals.

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Where can I see your refferal count? I dont see it next to your name on your profile...

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@TomasPlachy https://manifold.markets/leaderboards scroll down to the "Top Referrers" section

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currently 747 referrals, from ~120 before the video was posted

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600 referrals now. Only 2000 to go.

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@AlexbGoode got a limit order for you at 28%

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@TheBayesian yeah, no thanks

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(to be clear this is posted jokingly, the model failed to extrapolate 1 day of a few data points, do not bet yes based on this information)

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Hope so~ :3

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+87 referrals in the first 1700 views

@memestiny we're coming for you

Should the close date be updated, or does this market mean "by the end of 2024"?

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Update: good point, I'm confused.

@Writer We're doing this, right? 2000 referrals in 2 weeks?

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@MichaelWheatley I don't remember what I intended so yeah. 2000 referrals in two weeks. YOLO.

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can anyone teach me how referrals work? like i have done what they sharing my unique link and all but i never get the bonus, help?

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@nobody https://manifold.markets/referrals states that they have to sign up and make a trade. Did that happen?

@FlorisvanDoorn yeah that happened but i still didn't get anything

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@nobody Did they use the app? Referrals don’t work on the app rn

@ian one of them used the app, 2others used the website

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@nobody All of them traded as well? Hmm the website should’ve worked.

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( ◡̀_◡́)ᕤ

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@Writer Memestiny better watch their back

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I believe in you to the extent that I’ll bet on you but I only seem to bet on markets with low percentage chances that seem to have an out of scope reward. Take that as you will.