Will I be accepted to the WARP/ASPR program
resolved Jan 1

UPDATE 12/18: All stages passed. Had to withdraw my application from ASPR because of scheduling conflicts: still applying to WARP. Expecting to hear back by Thursday night.

I submitted my WARP/ASPR application on Nov 17. Currently on Stage 3, with my interview scheduled for Wednesday Morning.

If I pass stage 3 (accepted), resolves YES. To ensure fairness, I will cease trading as soon as I get an acceptance or rejection email.

17 years old,📍Cambridge, MA. Background in research, robotics, neuro, mechatronics, human augmentation. Taking graduate level CS & robotics classes at uni rn, and my math level for this year is linear algebra, diffEQ, and real analysis.

Edit 11/27: accepted to stage 2. Currently completed 2/4 of the tasks. I think I did pretty well on them, but only time will tell...will find out about stage 3 in ~ 2 weeks.

Edit 12/11: accepted to stage 3. Interview is scheduled for Wednesday at 10:00 AM.

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the WARP team is currently sick—there’s a decent chance they do not return a decision by midnight, in that case I will kick the deadline to whenever I get the email!

predicted YES

@Vik Sorry to hear it didn’t work out :(

@derikk Haha thanks—it was always a long shot, and I’m glad i made it as far as I did :)

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