Will Messi complete the 2023 MLS season without an injury?
resolved Sep 20

To be counted as an injury, would need to be out 1+ MLS season games. Injury can happen outside of regular MLS games. Being out for less than 1 full game will not count.

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I want to make this crystal clear, I am not a scammer. I was waiting on an official source to confirm that Messi was injured. Similar to the Prigozhin markets which didn't close when he was listed on the plane's manifest because it wasn't confirmed he was officially dead yet. That's all. Just because I had a position in the market does not matter to me at all, I've lost plenty in my own markets and don't care one iota. What I don't like is impatience, bullying and the harassment like I've encountered over the past few days by @ryfuzzi and his undeclared alt accounts. Please keep Manifold clean of such distasteful behavior or I'll have to issue you a red card!

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@UniversalFC Where is DNA evidence and teeth analysis to proving he is injured and not faking? Please provide!!!

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@UniversalFC Resolves NO

It's official on Transfermarkt, that was one of the "official sources" you had linked to:

@MessiIsInjured Exactly, 'recovery.' They can't even say it without putting quotes around it. Let's wait until the club officially says something. Messi is 36 and fatigued. That is not an injury. I could be 'recovering' from a hangover. Doesn't mean I'm injured.

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Please stop harassing me! I will resolve this market appropriately when necessary, but I just haven't seen any official source concretely say that Messi has been injured yet.

Why hasn't this resolved N? He was injured in his international match vs ecuador and missed his recent game for miami

@UniversalFC https://x.com/FrancoPanizo/status/1703198672597520860?s=20 Tata Martino said he was injured and was kept out of the game to prioritize more important matches.

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@UniversalFakeCreator Fatigue can certainly lead to injury, but he was not injured, not yet. So this question is not going to be resolved yet. Please leave me alone.


@MessiIsInjured What is the source for this site, where are they getting their information? It has nothing listed for a source and even the coach or the player have not said anything about an injury. Please stop harassing me. I will resolve this when appropriate.

@UniversalFC quit blocking me if youre gonna ask me questions about what i post. where is the source of the transfermarkt website? literally the coach in argentina said he was injured, "Injury can happen outside of regular MLS games." So we know he was injured, and then he missed a game. To be counted as an injury, would need to be out 1+ MLS season games. Sounds like this should be counted as an injury. Its YOUR RULES. Resolve this market!

@ankaramessi From transfermarkt: "Injury history, suspensions and absences are based on a variety of media reports and are researched with the greatest of care. If you should notice an error regardless, please use the correction form. To the correction form" Let them know you have an issue with their data. 🤣

@UniversalFC Click your link and look! Time to resolve, it is official for us!!! Messi is messied up!

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@UniversalFC - mate feels like you are making up the rules as you go. Nothing in the question stating injury had to be disclosed on injury list…

Bad look when you have a Yes position

Do the right thing

@JasonHunger If he is injured, why would he not be listed on the injury list? Let's not be ridiculous. I've liquidated my position and am still not resolving this until I get an OFFICIAL SOURCE saying he is injured. Being fatigued is not an injury! Honestly, based on his PSG injury history it is probably going to happen this year, but it has not yet.

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you better resolve this N now that he's missing the atlanta game @UniversalFC

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@UniversalFC he was injured outside of the regular MLS game, vs Ecuador, missed game vs bolivia because of that, and didnt travel with the team to atlanta to recover and rest. If that isn't an injury, then this is a scam

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@UniversalFC are you f'ing kidding me? NOTE: This report is compiled on an ongoing basis by MLSsoccer.com editors based on club game notes, news reports, and original reporting. The league does not have an official player availability report.

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@UniversalFC why do you think he was out tonight? he was injured in the game with ecuador, and hasnt played since then. "To be counted as an injury, would need to be out 1+ MLS season games." He is OUT. THIS IS AN INJURY

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@ryfuzzi Show me an official source saying he is injured and I will happily resolve. You can't. Fatigue does not equal an injury. 👍

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