Will a new chapter of Fairy Dance of Death be released before the end of 2024?

Will the Sword Art Online fanfic Fairy Dance of Death (AO3, SpaceBattles discussion thread) receive a new story chapter, posted to Archive Of Our Own (or, in the unlikely event of the story moving off of AO3, to whatever the story's new primary home is), before the end of 2024?

This market will resolve Yes if and only if a new full story-chapter is released on before the end of 2024. Other sorts of story-related posting, either on AO3 or on SpaceBattles—author's notes, or posted scenes marked clearly as previews-of-the-upcoming-chapter as opposed to as comprising a full chapter, or suchlike—will not count, and will not cause the market to resolve to Yes in the absence of a full chapter-release.

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