Will Vivek Ramaswamy be the Republican party's vice presidential nominee in 2024?
Jul 21

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I am selling my investment before the value of Mana is decreased to a tenth of its current value on May 15 2024.

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How bulls feel about the fact that Vivek is a person of color? Has the GOP suddenly stopped being racist or if the fellow don't talk about race and "acts white" they'd be willing to vote for him?

Seems to me like an elephant in the room that isn't being discussed enough.

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@MP They are more likely to get over their fear of vaginas and nominate Haley than they are to embrace Vivek. He is just a great asshole and that’s what the “base” really gets a kick out of these days.

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@BTE yeah

I thought this market was about the presidential election, I was getting excited to bet against. Even then, a 10% odd seems high.

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Vivek is around #3 in the race, and Trump seems to like him (at least compared to Desantis)

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