Will Francis Ngannou fight any of the people who were on PFL's Heavyweight roster at the time he was signed before 2025?

PFL (Professional Fighters League) are an MMA promotion who announced that they had signed Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou on May 16th, 2023. At the time of his signing, they had 14 Heavyweights on their roster. They are:

  1. Denis Goltsov

  2. Bruno Cappelozza

  3. Maurice Greene

  4. Danilo Marques

  5. Rizvan Kuniev

  6. Renan Ferreira

  7. Yorgan De Castro

  8. Marcelo Nunes

  9. Matheus Scheffel

  10. Cezar Ferreira

  11. Ante Delija

  12. Patrick Brady

  13. Jordan Heiderman

  14. Michał Andryszak

If Francis Ngannou has a fight with any of these people before 2025, this market will resolve to YES. Otherwise NO.

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