Will NC outlaw publicly wearing a mask for health reasons?

The North Carolina State Senate on May 15 voted in favor of a bill that would make it illegal for people to wear a mask in public for health reasons. This bill repeals a legal exemption enacted during COVID that allowed public health-based masking. The bill has now gone to the NC House of Representatives.

Question will resolve as NO if a law has not been passed by the end of the year that makes it illegal to publicly mask for health reasons. It will immediately resolve to YES if a law is passed.

I will not bet on this market.

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Does a transparent mask count? I'm assuming the motivation behind this is stopping criminals concealing their identities

@TheAllMemeingEye I don’t think a transparent mask would be illegal, but surgical masks and N95 masks (the most effective against germs) are not transparent. The motivation is reportedly that Republicans don’t like protesters wearing masks; very important (apparently) to identify people who are taking a stand against perceived injustices.

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