Will Manifold be used for job recruitment by Dec 31st 2024

I'm dubious as to whether Manifold dating will ever take off, but I could imagine some similar framework being at least as successful for job recruitment. Not really sure what this would look like now, but one example could be an employer having users vote on whether a set of given applicants will last the year. While there are a lot of markets about "Will I get this job." I'm looking for more markets geared to "who should I hire" and/or matching employees with employers.

The market resolves to yes if at the end of the year the use of manifold for recruitment and/or hiring decisions becomes a thing. (ie, is this use of manifold clear and obvious to the regular user.)

Currently it's not a thing imho.

No need for manifold employees to work on this function for this to resolve to yes. But if a function like this is developed at all, this will resolve to yes.

I'm not betting on this market as the judging is subjective.

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