Will I reach a prediction streak of 50 on my current run?
resolved Jun 16

Resolves YES if my current streak reaches 50.

Resolves NO as soon as I break the streak.

Current streak as of 12/6/23: 46

Will stake 5m to yes each day.

Get Ṁ500 play money

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42irrationalistpredicted NO

That's the nicest profit graph I ever saw, this should go to Manifold's museum

ScipioFabius avatar
Scipio Fabiuspredicted NO

Can we assume that if you havent staked 5m in a given day, it means you have broken your streak and this would resolve to no?

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Tobypredicted YES

@ScipioFabius Within the constraints of time zones that is a fair assumption to make. I intend to use this market to keep the streak going.