[Closed] Dollar Auction
No bounty left

I'm auctioning of the initial bounty on this question, that is 1000m, to the highest bidder

  • The highest bidder gains the 1000 mana bounty, but loses their bid.

  • The second highest bidder also loses their bid.

  • Everyone else gets their bid refunded at the end of the auction.

To make a bid on this auction, add to the bounty. I will keep track of the contributions at the bottom of the description. You can contribute multiple times in which case the bid is additive (if you contribute 200, then 300 your bid will be considered to be 500).

Make sure you leave a comment as well, as that is the only way I can pay out your winnings / or pay back your bid at the end of the auction.

I will not participate in this auction myself.

Let me know if anything is unclear.

The auction ends 20:00 on 30/11/23 in my local time zone. Any contributions beyond this point will not count towards the auction, but will be refunded.

Current bidders

Total bounty at last update: 1531

Fine Print

  • Ties are won by whoever first bid up to the value.

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I late huhu


Lets have some fun




Cool idea! 10M bid.

To add to the chaos, I will personally managram M100 to the second place :)

Bid 125m

Lol how did I win this

I have decided that it is probably easier if I just close this bounty and Managram the winnings and refunds.

@Toby96 I think you forgot about this.

I missed the deadline by a few days but here is the result:

Bounties have been paid out to those who have left comments. The remaining bounties will be paid out assuming a comment is left by new year. Otherwise I will consider it forfeit.