[short-fuse 💣] Does *my* mom know who Sam Altman is?
resolved Apr 27

Does MY mom know who Sam Altman is?

I will talk to my mom on Thursday and ask her a simple question, “Mom, who is Sam Altman?”. If she says, “The CEO of OpenAI”, easy YES. If she says, “I have no idea”, easy NO.

How much of a household name is SamA?

Some facts that may influence your betting:

  • My mom is in her early fifties, and works in education.

  • She listens to NPR for most of her news, usually every other day or so.

  • I have previously mentioned Sam Altman in conversation with her before at least twice.

  • She knows what ChatGPT is, and generally doesn't like it, due to people using it to write things in connection with her job.

This market is duplicated from a @mattyb market.

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How did I lose the most on both these markets 😭

"Mom, who is Sam Altman?"

"Sam Altman is a theater producer... or director?"

Resolves NO. Thanks for playing, everyone!

@TiredCliche she's clearly heard of Sora

@Odoacre I had to remember what sora was, I was like "what does kingdom hearts have to do with this"

bought Ṁ1,000 YES

LFG! (again)

She mentioned ChatGPT today, disparagingly.


This market WILL resolve before the Big Pivot on May 1st. On May 1st, your Mana will be worth 1/10th of what it previously was.
This is your last chance to make a bunch of money and prove your haters wrong. And it all rests on my mom. Beautiful.


bought Ṁ20 YES

Where do you live? (or at least is it east or west coast)

@jBosc Suburb of Seattle

shout-out to @mattyb (and his mom!) that this market is inspired by 🫡

@shankypanky oh this is straight up lifted, the description is still quite Matt-y.

@TiredCliche probably quitting the site, so if you wanna plagarize me again, just tag me in your description plz. it’s the least you could do when you’re directly copying my work.

@mattyb I didn't think you would be offended. I literally just duplicated your market and changed things to make it personal...
You made a market for your mom, I lost a bunch of mana, now I'm wondering if my mom knows who SamA is.

@mattyb Also, I tagged this market in your original market. Sorry. I guess I offended you by copying your market. I didn't mean to do that. Sorry. Just sent you some Mana. Sorry again.

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