Will I run at least 1000 miles this year?

I'll track this using Strava. My profile is here: https://www.strava.com/athletes/6065274.

I've been inconsistent recently, but this year I hope to run a 5K (about 3 miles) most days.

Since this market is my commitment device, I'll only bid YES.

Weekly updates (note that the target is 19.2 miles/week to reach the goal):

Jan 1 - 7: 16.7 miles.

Jan 8 - 14: 11.8 miles.

Jan 15 - 21: 13.6 miles

Jan 22-28: 8.8 miles.

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Passing TDs don't count

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@notrickspringfield I think you meant this as a comment on a different question?

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Bid NO as extra motivation. What's your longest mileage year to date? How many times have you broken 1000 miles in a year?

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@WilliamKiely I didn't start running seriously until June last year. My total distance last year was 185 miles, about 90% of which was in three months from June to August. After that, for various reasons, I stopped running consistently.

Reaching 1000 miles is going to be a major stretch, but I think I have a chance.