Will I get into MSc Computing @ Imperial College Oct' 24?
Oct 31

I am currently a medical student, looking to transfer into CS/AI.
By October '24, I will have studied medicine at Charité for 3 years (180 ECTS) and written my thesis (Hausarbeit). Due to the particularities of German medical school, my degree will not be a Bachelor's but rather the 'Erstes Staatsexamen' which has sufficed as bachelor equivalency for peers.

My expected final grade is 1.6 on the German scale, which is ~3.5/4 on the US scale.

I have been coding since I was 12 for fun, and I will have a few finished projects on my GitHub by the time of applying.

I will have also done formal university courses in calculus, linear algebra, algorithmics, programming, computer systems before the master's starts.

Will I get in? (yes means getting an offer, independent of me accepting the offer)

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Good luck!

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Looking to get outside feedback on the probability of me getting in as a lot hinges on it.

@TimFarkas I know people far less qualified (on the criteria you mention) who have in the past.

I don't know how EU students are being treated post Brexit but I can't see it being a huge impediment.

Obviously every application cohort is different and places are limited so nothing is guaranteed sadly.

Good luck!

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@PaulBenjaminPhotographer That's good to hear, thanks! :)