Will any of my markets get attention in the next 7 days?
resolved Feb 25

So far, no one has traded in a market I have created. This resolves YES if at market close, the total position size (YES + NO) in all of my markets is at least 100 shares. If you trade in this market, your positions won't be counted. My positions won't be counted.

Edit to clarify: For this to resolve yes, the SUM of position sizes across my markets combined (except positions by users that traded in this market) must be >=100 shares.

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Is this total position size in each one, or in all of them combined?

@HenriThunberg Sum of all the positions in each market, except those of users who traded in this market.

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I have no idea what your markets are talking about.

I might create more markets if they're sufficiently fun/useful.

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@ThomasKwa if you create a market, say, 5 minutes before resolution of this market and nobody trades on it in those 5 minutes, will this resolve negatively?

@JonasVollmer Only if the sum of positions on the other markets (excluding positions of people who traded in this market) is less than 100. If you already traded under the other interpretation and lost money, I'll send you the difference