Worldcoin scales up to at least 10M World ID sign-ups by August 15, 2024?
Aug 16

On the March 15, 2024 podcast "Upstream with Erik Torenberg", guest Alex Blania (co-founder and CEO of Tools for Humanity, the organization behind Worldcoin) predicts that the need for proof-of-personhood will become apparent 'relatively soon', along with Worldcoin scale up 'in the coming months':


ERIK: What do you think people misunderstand or underappreciate or do not get about Worldcoin?

ALEX: Well I think it really depends on kind of where in the curve you I think the first thing is, okay this is not a problem, so you could believe that ...I think you will be proven wrong relatively soon...if you're not already are...meaning proof of person and we will need a human layer on internet



ERIK: In closing what plugs do you have for Worldcoin...what do you want listeners to know about it...or potentially do if they're curious to learning more or get involved?

ALEX: That's a good question... I think follow me and Sam on Twitter…and in the coming months just everything will scale up so I think that's that's fundamentally what you have to expect...many more countries will launch...many more devices will go live...we're still in kind of in the very very early phases of that...just follow us and and see what happens and hopefully it's going to be a great year for us


This market resolves to "YES" if Worldcoin reports that it has scaled up to at least 10 million World ID sign-ups by August 15, 2024.


Worldcoin tracks the number of World ID sign-ups on

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