Will California AB 68 (AB 68 – The Housing and Climate Solutions Act) pass in the 2023 - 24 legislative session?
Dec 31

California YIMBY: AB 68 will help alleviate California’s housing crisis and reduce climate change risk by streamlining approvals for new homes near jobs, schools, transit, and other resources, and in areas local governments have already identified as a priority for infill housing. By accelerating development of new homes away from areas of high fire and flood risk, and increasing the number of homes that can be built in walkable and transit-adjacent neighborhoods, AB 68 will make California more affordable and sustainable, while reducing the pollution that causes climate change.

Bill tracker: https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml?bill_id=202320240AB68

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predicts NO

@Tetraspace Can you please resolve this market "NO". This bill never got out of the Assembly.

This can be resolved NO. This bill did not pass its house of origin.

Title has a typo? AB 86 vs 68

@MCMillennium Good spot! It's AB68.