Will the price of the german 49€ ticket stay the same after the first year of its existence?
May 1

In germany, you can drive all regional trains(and busses etc) for 49€ a month since may of this year. There are currently discussions if that price can be kept the same next year. Here is an explanation of the ticket if you are interested https://www.dw.com/en/germanys-new-49-monthly-travel-pass-explained/a-65421776.

It currently looks like the ticket will still exist for another year, but the price has not been decided yet.

Resolves YES if the price of the ticket is 49€ in May 2024.

Resolves N/A if the offer completly stops for some reason.

Resolves NO otherwise.

I will resolve when there is news from a credible source. I don't know if there are any non-german sources that will definitely post an article if something happens with the ticket so it will probably end up being a german source.

I may bet in the market.

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