Will Donald Trump be inside a courtroom on Wednesday, April 24, 2024?
resolved Apr 24

Barring a last-minute intervention, the trial will begin April 15.

For the first time in American history, a former president will be tried in a court of law. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/politics/what-to-expect-from-trumps-first-criminal-trial

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We might be back, the judge scheduled a hearing for the 24th: https://twitter.com/TylerMcBrien/status/1779928350091329909

However, the defense requested that Trump not be required to attend hearings on Wednesdays: https://twitter.com/TylerMcBrien/status/1779972208334442618

@SaviorofPlant A bit rich to ask the judge for such a favor after publicly trashing him and his daughter. Any self respecting judge would not grant such a request when they willingly violated the gag order and are therefore the reason for the hearing to happen at all. Maybe that will teach Trump to stop violating the gag order? A few thousand dollar fine sure wonโ€™t.

just copied and changed by 1 day?

@mattyb @TeriDiPiano its courteous to link to a market in the description when it inspires creation of your own

@mattyb you should move the close date up a day too

Haha so the trial will begin as the body text wonders, but the question will be NO because of the title's turn of phrase. So many ways that questions can go wrong, even without Goodharting

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"He will conduct radio and television interviews from Trump Tower, where he is expected to stay during the trial, which will be in session every weekday except Wednesday."

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