Will I fuck around and find out?
resolved Jan 1

Anytime now and before the end of 2023, will I fuck around and find out. The possibilities are endless, I could find out anything. I am curious and typically quite adventurous and daring. But also may be quite reserved and calculating depending on my mood. I really think it might be a toss up, you just never know.

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Lately I've been looking at manifold users' all-time profit graphs to do a sort of one dimensional judgement of character to bin them as conservative or risk-takers, and yours looks like a risk-taker, so, all other things being equal, I am betting YES.

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"First you gotta decide how much you wanna find out ... "

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do it

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I am going to remember to come back here and remind you that fucking around and finding out is what makes life worth living. Do it. To the max.

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