Is a hotdog a sandwich??
resolved Feb 17

Will resolve towards the argument that convinced me most. Close date will be in about a month or earlier if I'm convinced.

(Arguments made by yourself are heavily preferred)

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The being outside of time who has consumed the entirety of human civilization has spoken.

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@BionicD0LPH1N I feel like the previous image should not be admissible evidence, as I was biased and pushed it towards a rash decision. The following prompt was a better attempt at unbiasedness, and the answer might shock you!

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Ok let's be honest, the ultimate being outside of time is a bit uncertain. Does anyone have access to Bing?

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It is a non-central example of a sandwich, but a sandwich all the same!

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A hotdog is not a sandwich for this simple reason: people don’t actually refer to hotdogs as sandwiches! If you asked someone for a sandwich and they gave you a hotdog, you’d be surprised.

In linguistics, this way of thinking about meaning is in fact the standard.

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@Conflux Oops, hit send slightly before I meant to. Was just gonna add that in practice, definitions aren’t really the most explanatory way that we think about what words mean. We compare to other examples, and it’s kind of a feel thing. So it’s correct imo to say that a hotdog is not a sandwich even though it might meet some contrived formal definitions for sandwiches. See also

@Conflux I’ll definitely take this into consideration for my final judgement, and I’m glad to see someone brought up this side of the argument. I would love to see someone on the yes side counter this.

@Conflux on the other hand the same method can be used to prove the opposite. If you ask for a "hotdog sandwich", you'd probably get a hotdog and you would not be surprised.

In fact if you image search for "hotdog sandwich" you also get a bunch of pictures of hotdogs.

"Hotdog" is just shorthand for the full form "hotdog sandwich", the two terms are synonymous.

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@Odoacre I feel like a hotdog sandwich is a sandwich of hotdogs

@Conflux you can do the experiment for yourself, try asking for one

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A hot dog is a taco.

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@nickburlett A tacos a sandwich on flatbread bruh

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@nickburlett Not a very good one

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A hotdog is not only just a sandwich, but deeper within its lore… a sub. One closed side of bread, not connected with the other, with meat condiments and often vegetables and other items within it.

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@Forrest Ratio

A hotdog is a sandwich considering the fact that a hogie is a sandwich which is lunch meat and condiments inside of a split roll, the only difference between a hogie and a hotdog is the meat inside the split roll is cut in a different shape, and although being cut in a different shape that doesn’t disqualify it from being a sandwich because a burger is a sandwich and if you ask me a beef patty is definitely a different shape than slice of lunch meat yet they’re both still sandwiches! IN CONCLUSION a hotdog is in fact a sandwich it’s just a strange shaped one :) okay resolve market now

@NathanHuband Only argument so far so you are leading