Is Midjourney in Trouble?

Gary Marcus and Reid Southen published an article investigating alleged systemic data theft and copyright infringements by midjourney, claiming that their results

"[...] provide powerful evidence...that at least some generative AI systems may produce plagiaristic outputs, even when not directly asked to do so, potentially exposing users to copyright infringement claims"

and further that

"[...] our results suggest that generative AI systems may regularly produce plagiaristic outputs, both written and visual, without transparency or compensation, in ways that put undue burdens on users and content creators. We believe that the potential for litigation may be vast, and that the foundations of the entire enterprise may be built on ethically shaky ground"


For this market, midjourney will be regarded as being in trouble if serious litigation is brought against it by 2025.

I will judge the seriousness of the litigation according to expert opinions, news articles and market sentiment.

The higher the number of potential lawsuits brought against midjourney, the lower the bar for each individual lawsuit (if midjourney is drowned in a flurry of not-that-serious lawsuits, that's trouble for the company).

Other potential troubles, such as the involvement of antitrust or other government agencies, a user boycott that results in perilous loss of revenue, the pulling or deletion of any SOTA midjourney model, or the disintegration of the company will also be resolved to YES at my discretion.

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