Will I listen to at least 366 new albums in 2024?

Average of 1/day (leap year). "New" here means "new to me", not "newly released". As measured by my last.fm listening stats: https://www.last.fm/user/Strigoides, I've written a script to compute it and will periodically post the current total in the comments.

I commit to not fudging the stats by scrobbling stuff without listening, playing a bunch of fake one track "albums", etc. I reserve the right to trade in this market, but commit to not take a net "No" position.

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Total for May: 47 albums (238 so far). Almost at 2/3rds of the goal. This pace feels pretty easy to maintain, so I feel good about meeting the goal with time to spare.

Total for April: 38 albums (188 so far).

Past the halfway point. Didn't catch up too much after the first week, but at least exceeded 1/day.

Total for March: 47 albums (150* for the year so far). Reached the milestone of surpassing 2023. About the same as February. April so far has had 0 due to going on a busy holiday, I have some catching up to do.

* This is one more than if you add up the months, because there was an album I listened to as the month changed, so my script doesn't count it for either individual month, but does count it for the year.

Total for February: 42 albums (102 for the year so far). Not as good as January, wasn't as motivated, but still well ahead of the 1/day average.

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Total for January: 60 albums. Very good start. Overall probably a pretty average month in terms of opportunity to listen to music. Mostly normal but with some disruptions for a total of about a week where I didn't listen regularly. Some months this year will definitely be harder (some planned holidays).


@itsTomekK script werr

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First week went well, 12 new albums listened to.

i've tried and failed this every year for the last 3 years - best of luck to you!

I believe in you.

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Alright, I wrote a script to compute it. The script has some simplifying assumptions but should be reasonably accurate. The current results for all years I've been on last.fm (although bear in mind that in some of these years I was less consistent with scrobbling everything):

2009: 14

2010: 62

2011: 74

2012: 335

2013: 284

2014: 88

2015: 130

2016: 66

2017: 95

2018: 119

2019: 151

2020: 127

2021: 98

2022: 71

2023: 122

I haven't been super consistent in seeking out new music recently, but even if I am, doing 3x the 2023 count will definitely be a challenge.

Do you have to listen to the full album for it to count?

Do EPs count?

Are you a music critic, or have another job that requires you to listen to a lot of music?

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Yes, full album required.

Hm, perhaps I'll count EPs as 0.5? I don't want to complicate the counting too much, and I mainly listen to full-length albums anyway, so I'm undecided on what to do with different classes of album. I don't think it will end up making the difference between success or failure.

Nope. But I am able to listen to music most of the day while at work.

@Strigoides looking at your last.fm history it looks like you listened to at least 10 tracks from 233 distinct albums in the last 365 days.

You listened to 3704 tracks total, a bit over 10 tracks per day. So you'd have to either spend a lot more time listening to music, or listen exclusively to new albums for all of 2024.

I think you can (and you should!) do it but I don't think it's 90% that you will.

@Paulf4db Plan is a bit of both!