Will anyone report getting a job offer at Manifest?
resolved Oct 2

Could be for an unrelated company. The report needs to be credible, so we're looking for an announcement or corroboration from the offerer, screenshots, or a 3rd party witness.

The offer can happen after the event, before close, but it needs to be causally connected. See @saulmunn's question in the comments.

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@firstuserhere lol what why

@Stralor Misread the comment 😅

As per the original criteria, mind dropping us a mild screenshot or something, @saulmunn? I hope this wasn't a handshake deal, or I suppose @Austin could confirm. Anyway, I'll give a bit more time for that to surface and then resolve YES when it does.

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@Stralor was a handshake deal — austin responded below :)

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@saulmunn Do you know of someone who got a job offer?

@Shump yes — me :)

Ayyyy well deserved!

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@saulmunn Nice! Mind sharing the connection to Manifest? I saw that you left a comment earlier about that. Is that a job that you were planning on applying for before?

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@Shump hahaha — austin hired me to run the next manifest, if manifold decides to run one! seems pretty causally connected to manifest :D

note: that doesn't mean (a) there will be another manifest, nor (b) i will decide to organize it. either (or both) of those might end up being false

(also, i got ~2 others, but they are less solidly a "job offer" — more vague "let me know if you're ever looking for a job" or "you could really help out at my org" etc etc, which i'm less confident counts toward the resolution)

@Stralor does that count?

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@Joshua wait, why would it not count? i was offered a job, no? i'm confused

I agree, but the argument against would be that you were offered a job contingent on there being a next manifest. So if Manifest 2 isn't confirmed, there'd be no job right?

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@Joshua good point. @Stralor does a contingent job offer count? would you resolve to a PROB that manifest 2 happens?

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@saulmunn I percieve "job offer" to be an actual written contract, not just a conditional verbal promise. But maybe that's just me? I imagine that the chance you will actually get it is lower than the linked market, just because things can change with time.

@Shump We can count that as a job offer. It's an offer, even if the contract hasn't been locked in! I get that it's distant gig work so it's less solid than a "normal" job offer, but it seems to me congrats are still in order!

Confirming that I extended a verbal offer along the lines of "if we decide to run Manifest 2024, Saul would be the first person I ask to organize it". No terms or contract outlined yet though, so up to you if it counts for this market.

Also I think @MichaelWheatley got a job offer from our sponsor, Sovereign.

@Austin nice! thanks.

does it count if it's causally connected to manifest, but doesn't actually happen at manifest? e.g. they met someone at manifest, got coffee with them a couple times, then two weeks later got offered a job?

@saulmunn yes, but has to happen by close